Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Greatest Journey

I have shared in the past about The Greatest Journey, often abbreviated as TGJ, but today at the OCC conference I just went to a session on it... and I cried. (Regular readers are likely NOT surprised.)

God is working in a scope beyond my small mind's understanding to bring countless children to the Lord, through OCC and Samaritan's Purse and through the Greatest Journey.


So what is the Greatest Journey? It is a series of 12 lessons, developed by a team including Samaritan's Purse, national teams, Bible translation experts, and curricula developers to teach about Christ, about the Christian life, and to empower children to be missionaries themselves in simple lessons in so many languages, in a way that is understandable even if before the shoebox they have never even heard the name of Christ... so that the Great Commission is carried out POWERFULLY. And it has been!

As of 2012, TGJ has been offered in 80 countries. Over 29,700 teachers were trained. Over 496,000 children GRADUATED from TGJ and received a New Testament in their own language.

Over 290,900 DOCUMENTED first time professions of faith were made in the classes. So far, since its inception that number is a WONDERFUL 665,000 children!

If this number seems low... compared to the number of shoeboxes... I suppose it is. In the next few weeks I will share SO much more about TGJ.. prayer requests, goals, lessons, and challenges. So check back and see what an amazing ministry this is....

This is SO much more than a shoebox. This is about children coming to Christ... but more than that too... not just a first time decision but DISCIPLESHIP and about the multiplying effect that happens as these children who are ON FIRE for God are taught about God and how to follow Christ but also how to SHARE the gospel. THIS Is why the impact is beyond imagining.

Please pray for TGJ.. pray for the children who are invited to participate that their hearts would be softened that they WOULD take this course. Pray for finances as each lesson is approximately $6 and this is not part of the shoebox $7. Pray for more translations. And for the job of teaching 100,000 teachers over the next years.

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