Saturday, April 13, 2013

Making Craft Kits for the Shoeboxes

I recently read a post from the Steward Shop about using a Michael's 50% off coupon (which come up often!!) for buying beads for necklace kits, and it brought back to mind the idea of making kits for the shoeboxes.

That post from the Steward Shop referenced an earlier post that has the specifics how to create a jewelry kit and the cost break down. (You can also buy crosses at the same referenced store as the animal beads at

The Steward Shop post is about buying in bulk and making LOTS of kits for very little money. This is FABULOUS if you do a packing party at your church or in your area, but may be less practical for an individual.

I loved the idea so much I started thinking about other types of craft kits that you could include. (For regular readers this idea is not new.. but here it is again... hopefully with some new info as well.)

If you have leftover craft supplies this is a great starting point.

How about making a jewelry kit with leftover beads? If you are a jewelry maker as a craft this is an easy idea. You could include beads in a baggie, or a small container such as from plastic baby food containers along with an appropriate cording whether for young children or perhaps an elastic thin cord for older children and smaller beads. Walmart and various craft stores have inexpensive charms you could add if you wanted as well... I particularly like the inexpensive shell cross charms from the kids crafting section of Walmart.

Or maybe, you are a paper crafter? If you scrapbook or make cards you have TONS of great supplies. Maybe you simply want to make a mixed craft kit with glue stick and scissors and a mix of papers. (You could buy extras such as googly eyes or fun stickers if you wanted... but just the pretty papers would be great.) 

You could make a card making kit with some folded blank cards and fun supplies. 

Or maybe you also have a cricut machine? This could open up even more possibilities. There are dies that let you make paper dolls. Wouldn't a paper doll set be LOVELY for a girl? You could do this with the tabs setting for a traditional paper doll project, or use other methods of affixing such as magnet dots or velcro and laminate the body itself. Or you could just use fun shapes from the cricut for a paper craft set or card making set.

How about a sewing kit? Do you quilt? Or sew? You could include squares of extra fabric and basic sewing supplies. Or maybe large pieces of fabric? (Maybe a pattern too if very simple, but that might be more language dependent.) I have heard of people who line their boxes with fabric, especially the plastic ones.

Or a lacing kit? Perhaps make your own lacing cards by printing pictures from online or making simple shapes from regular colored paper and laminating them, punching holes, and including yard or cording for the sewing. (If using yarn, consider wrapping the end in tape.) 

What about including fabric extras and sewing kit and a baby doll... and the child can make some doll clothes for their baby?

Crazy craft kit? How about making a fun kit for the child to play around with including pom poms and googly eyes and yarn and chenille stems and feathers? Or maybe you want to make a puppet kit? You could start a base puppet out of felt or a sock, and then include the fun extras for them to decorate it? Maybe include a photo of one? Or include felt starter finger puppets, with one finished and the supplies to make a bunch of silly extra ones.

For boys, the challenge is more difficult although many boys would enjoy an art kit... how about a fishing kit from extras from your fishing supplies? Be aware that everything must be stored SAFELY and that this kit would be appropriate for older boys only. Perhaps taping the hooks onto a card or onto the lid of the container used for the kit.   Or a kit to make a leather pouch?

The ideas are many... and I am sure this is just the beginning!! Whether you buy in bulk to make bulk kits or use what you have, I know the child who receives them will be blessed!

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