Wednesday, April 3, 2013

At the Operation Christmas Child Global Connect Conference!!

Hey all! I am at the conference!! Sooo excited to be here!!

The conference is not officially underway for ME yet but the Global volunteers have been going for 2 days already. Ours starts tomorrow morning. YAY.

As you would expect, the conference is being well covered in prayer. I have seen prayer team members all over.  But we covet continued prayer from all of you, that God would be in every detail, from transportation, to technology, and with each of the speakers and guests.
I learned just how big this is today also.... and I am rejoicing. The estimates are 1300 US volunteers, 60 Canadian volunteers, 400 international volunteers, and 300 staff. WOW. In all 102 countries are represented!! How exciting to be part of this ministry!

I will be blogging as I am able throughout the conference and I know I will have material enough for months to come!

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