Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dancing Ribbons

Wow.. it has been a LONG time since I posted.. but it is time to start again. I hope you agree. We have a LOT going on here in Klamath Falls.... and there are tons of great ideas all over the web.. and it is DEFINITELY time to start thinking OCC again!

If you don't know what Operation Christmas Child is, click the tab at the top of the page to learn more....

Now for a lovely craft idea by Linda L. an OCC fan I met on FB. I love this!!

Now that you have seen them, you probably want to make these for your box as well. Right? They are so precious and will be so much fun for the child who receives them. And you could do many variations! Painting the rod, multiple ribbons, etc. 

Here are her instructions:

Basically it is a 3/8th inch x 12 inch wooden dowel with an eye screw in one end. Then I attached a rather large jump ring onto that eye screw. Then a key ring. I slid on a jingle bell onto another jump ring and put that on the key ring. Then I just tied the ribbons on the key ring. Cut the ends and added fray check to all ends. Rolled up and voila!! (Pins are not for the box) The ribbon is about 2 1/2 - 3 yards for older kids. About 1 1/2-2 yards for younger kids.