Saturday, April 27, 2013

Free Toothpaste at Safeway with tomorrow's coupon

There is a new $1.00 coupon for Crest coming out in tomorrow’s paper which will make for free toothpaste at Safeway! Select varieties of Crest are on sale for $0.99 through 5/14. Use the new coupon to pay nothing! The coupon will be located in the P&G Brand Saver insert. There may be regional differences in the coupon; be sure your coupon does not exclude cavity and baking soda varieties, since these are the ones that are on sale. (info from the krazy coupon lady)

Children THANK YOU for your gifts

Coupon Deals for the Shoeboxes week of 4/28


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Neosporin Wound Cleanser for Kids, 2.3 oz $3.00 each, when you buy 2
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coupon deals for the shoeboxes, week of 4/21/13

Rite Aid
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Klamath Area OCC Craft Event Postponed

I had mentioned having a craft day here.. end of this month or early in May... for now that must be postponed. I would appreciate prayers for my parents as my mom is having surgery on Thursday, and I am going to help take care of mom and dad for as long as needed. As I do not know the details of the timing I can not plan for the event until things are settled.

I certainly appreciate prayers for my parents.. and I will work on setting it up upon my return.

It seems this year is full of many events that keep me off track, so for those of you in the area, please be patient with me as I try to continue on with OCC here.

Currently I am thinking of doing a mixed craft session so that all craft levels could attend... and I will be doing a craft table at the Praise in the Park event at our OCC booth as well. :) I will give more info as that draws near but I hope to meet many of our local OCC supporters then. Stop by and say hi.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jesus is Number 1 ~ Shoeboxes, they are a God thing

Michael W Smith has been involved in Operation Christmas Child for almost 20 years... and he was one of the performers on the 100 Million Celebration. One of the highlights for me, was not his GREAT SONGS which I loved, but his singing a song he had learned from the children in South Africa long ago. I thought you might like getting a taste of the conference in the video of part of Michael W Smith's performance.

And then in case you want to see the video where the story of his first trip with OCC... I am including that too. :) It is absolutely WONDERFUL.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter Clearance Roundup

The Easter clearance season is ending but I am still finding items...

RiteAid 75% off, including lots of candy (tootsie pop bags are 79 cents)

Michaels 80% off, including craft kits, ribbon, puppets, candy

KMart 70% off, including lots of small soft lovely plush at my Klamath store, candy, toys (including yo-yos) and more

Our Walmart is long cleared out, but keep searching and let me know what you find. :)

All of the above could go even deeper in sales.. if they last that long.

Making Craft Kits for the Shoeboxes

I recently read a post from the Steward Shop about using a Michael's 50% off coupon (which come up often!!) for buying beads for necklace kits, and it brought back to mind the idea of making kits for the shoeboxes.

That post from the Steward Shop referenced an earlier post that has the specifics how to create a jewelry kit and the cost break down. (You can also buy crosses at the same referenced store as the animal beads at

The Steward Shop post is about buying in bulk and making LOTS of kits for very little money. This is FABULOUS if you do a packing party at your church or in your area, but may be less practical for an individual.

I loved the idea so much I started thinking about other types of craft kits that you could include. (For regular readers this idea is not new.. but here it is again... hopefully with some new info as well.)

If you have leftover craft supplies this is a great starting point.

How about making a jewelry kit with leftover beads? If you are a jewelry maker as a craft this is an easy idea. You could include beads in a baggie, or a small container such as from plastic baby food containers along with an appropriate cording whether for young children or perhaps an elastic thin cord for older children and smaller beads. Walmart and various craft stores have inexpensive charms you could add if you wanted as well... I particularly like the inexpensive shell cross charms from the kids crafting section of Walmart.

Or maybe, you are a paper crafter? If you scrapbook or make cards you have TONS of great supplies. Maybe you simply want to make a mixed craft kit with glue stick and scissors and a mix of papers. (You could buy extras such as googly eyes or fun stickers if you wanted... but just the pretty papers would be great.) 

You could make a card making kit with some folded blank cards and fun supplies. 

Or maybe you also have a cricut machine? This could open up even more possibilities. There are dies that let you make paper dolls. Wouldn't a paper doll set be LOVELY for a girl? You could do this with the tabs setting for a traditional paper doll project, or use other methods of affixing such as magnet dots or velcro and laminate the body itself. Or you could just use fun shapes from the cricut for a paper craft set or card making set.

How about a sewing kit? Do you quilt? Or sew? You could include squares of extra fabric and basic sewing supplies. Or maybe large pieces of fabric? (Maybe a pattern too if very simple, but that might be more language dependent.) I have heard of people who line their boxes with fabric, especially the plastic ones.

Or a lacing kit? Perhaps make your own lacing cards by printing pictures from online or making simple shapes from regular colored paper and laminating them, punching holes, and including yard or cording for the sewing. (If using yarn, consider wrapping the end in tape.) 

What about including fabric extras and sewing kit and a baby doll... and the child can make some doll clothes for their baby?

Crazy craft kit? How about making a fun kit for the child to play around with including pom poms and googly eyes and yarn and chenille stems and feathers? Or maybe you want to make a puppet kit? You could start a base puppet out of felt or a sock, and then include the fun extras for them to decorate it? Maybe include a photo of one? Or include felt starter finger puppets, with one finished and the supplies to make a bunch of silly extra ones.

For boys, the challenge is more difficult although many boys would enjoy an art kit... how about a fishing kit from extras from your fishing supplies? Be aware that everything must be stored SAFELY and that this kit would be appropriate for older boys only. Perhaps taping the hooks onto a card or onto the lid of the container used for the kit.   Or a kit to make a leather pouch?

The ideas are many... and I am sure this is just the beginning!! Whether you buy in bulk to make bulk kits or use what you have, I know the child who receives them will be blessed!

Friday, April 12, 2013

"I want you to be my God"

The below story is from the official Operation Christmas Child facebook page and demonstrates the power of a simple gift, and of love.  
Raised in a Muslim family in Russia, Rustam grew up with war and hate. When he was just 13 years old, a group of guerrillas recruited him. He became an expert at handling an AK-47. All of that changed when his little brother went to a local OCC distribution and brought home a gift box. "There was complete silence," Rustam recalled, "as my brother opened the box from America. Everyone was shocked when they saw how neatly the box was packed with gum, toys, candy, and other things that all kids love. I opened the card on top of the box. I didn't know how to speak or read English, but I recognized one word on the card: Love. The next day, my brothers and I went to another meeting. I wanted to see an American, because I had never seen one. When we got there, I didn't see any Americans, but Russians who had risked their lives to come to our area to bring nice gifts for the children of war. Before they started giving the gifts away, a man raised a black book above his head. He said, ‘Your fathers and brothers fight with weapons, but this weapon is far more powerful than tanks or rockets. This is the Word of God. This weapon can cut through the human heart, burn away all of the hatred and evil, and replace them with love.’ Suddenly, in my imagination I saw American boys and girls sending their favorite things to us—who hate everyone—and I felt something happening to me. I have never cried, because I was taught that tears are not worthy of a soldier of Allah. But now I could not hold my tears back. I felt like the weapon that the man had described was burning through my heart. I went home after the meeting, secretly wiping away my tears. I then saw my younger brothers laughing and jumping, as each held a box in his hands. As they opened the boxes, excitement and joy filled our house. I raised my eyes to Heaven and said, God if you are the God who fills human lives with love, I want you to be my God.”

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Reaches Antartica

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mary Damron Sings God On The Mountain at 100 Million Shoebox Event

This is not my video, and is a video of the video screen at the event, but the only one I could find of this song, which touched me so deeply... may you be blessed also.

I was so blessed by meeting Mary Damron at Connect. She is a lovely woman whose life shows that AMAZING things can be done by ONE person who just goes all out to follow God's leading. And she surely has been used by God in mighty ways. Please continue to pray for Mary Damron as she battles cancer and illness.. and rejoice with me that she was able to make it to the celebration. If you do not know who Mary Damron is, learn a bit about her and her participation in Operation Christmas Child, watch this video, and know that you can make a difference whether you pack one shoebox or a hundred. And ask yourself, God what can I do? And then watch God work!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Immeasurably More

The below post is from the Samaritan's Purse Blog and is written by an awesome volunteer and year round blogger from Life Inside the Box ( that can be found anytime through a link in the sidebar..

Operation Christmas Child connect conference
Immeasurably More
People from 102 nations gather in Orlando to celebrate what God has done through Operation Christmas Child
Kathy Schriefer, an Operation Christmas Child area coordinator from Pennsylvania, reports from a conference in Orlando that brings together volunteers and ministry partners from all over the world
Tonight was our first general session for the Operation Christmas Child Global Connect Conference and it was a mind-blowing experience to be worshiping with brothers and sisters from 102 countries around the world.
After Randy Riddle, director of domestic operations, led us in a time of rousing praise to God (complete with noisemakers) in celebration for 100 million shoeboxes, he was joined on the stage by former shoe box recipient Izabella McMillen. She reminded us, “I would not be able to stand her today without your faithfulness.” Seeing the video of Izabella’s story helped us focus on what each of these precious boxes means to the child who receives it.
As he came back to speak of the history of OCC in the United States, Randy spoke of the exponential growth of those early shoe boxes. “When it was paired with the Gospel it became something God blew His breath on and it exploded.”
And Franklin Graham said, “It’s something God has done and we want to give Him the glory.”
Ross Rhoads, pastor of the first church to pack shoe boxes in 1993, told of how their church collected 11,000 boxes in just 14 days that first year—a foreshadowing of God’s hand on the project.
Canadian pastor Sean Campbell’s church in Canada also packed a large number of boxes in that inaugural year of 1993 and joked that it was the only year Canada packed more boxes than the U.S. On a more serious note, he spoke of the Bible’s warning that in the end times “the love of many will grow cold,” and reminded us that packing shoe boxes is a way to keep our love alive.
Sean told the story of giving a shoebox to a 10-year-old boy in a psychiatric ward in an Eastern European country. When he pulled a Beanie Baby out of his box and smiled, his doctors were amazed. The doctors explained that the boy’s parents had been executed in front of him four months earlier and this was the first time since that he had smiled.
“It’s all about the Prince of Peace,” Sean said.
After some phenomenal guitar and worship music by Dennis Agajanian and the Tommy Coomes band, Franklin Graham introduced Louie Giglio.
Speaking about the global presence in the room, Louie said, “We are better when we are in the company of people from the whole world.”
There is a plaque in the Georgia Dome that commemorates that largest gathering ever held in that venue—a Billy Graham event. Louie said we’re here to remember the legacy of a faithful God.
“We’re not here tonight to underestimate the power of God,” he said. “We’re here to celebrate that God will expand His kingdom.”
He admitted that he can’t comprehend 100 million shoeboxes. It’s supernatural.
But we also can’t fully comprehend that God emptied Himself and took on the skin of a baby and appeared as the gift of God to the world in that original mission of Operation Christmas Child. Into a manger came majesty—majesty in a mess.
How amazing that God gave the news of His coming first to the shepherds. They were too dirty to go to church and God said when you can’t make it to me, I’ll come to you.
What Louie felt God wanted him to bring to us tonight was a personal encouragement that the God of 100 million shoe boxes is on our side. There are huge hurdles in each of our lives tonight where we’re trusting God and the truth of Ephesians 3:20 is that God is able to do immeasurably more than we can imagine. To HIM be glory. We’re in partnership with the God who does immeasurably more.
When you walk in the door of God’s faithfulness, it marks you.
You can count shoe boxes but you can’t count changed lives. You can’t quantify the healing God brings through a shoebox. You can’t count the immeasurably more.
In that night glory came into the mess of a manger and peace with God is now possible.
Those who were rebels against God can become the worshipers of God.
It’s not just on a grand scale; it’s on a personal scale. We cannot count God out because God can do immeasurably more.

A couple of Freebies for the Shoeboxes, week of 4/7

From Dollar Tree Olay Bar Soap, 1 ct $1.00, regular price Use $1.00/1 Olay Bath Bar, Body Wash or In-Shower Body Lotion, excludes trial/travel size and Simply Olay, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from Proctor and Gambol Newspaper insert 3/31 (exp 4/30) Final Price: Free From Staples Staples Photo Plus Photo Paper, 60 pk $9.99 Buy 1, Submit for $9.99 Easy Rebate Pay $9.99, Submit for $9.99 Easy Rebate Final Price: Free

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Night to Remember

I am so sorry I did not post in the last 2 days... but WHAT a DAY was Saturday !!! I am not eloquent enough to adequately describe Saturday night but I have to say that the Concert Celebration for the 100 Million Shoeboxes was absolutely amazing!!

We had full circle stories. MATTHEW WEST. And MICHAEL W SMITH. The African Children's Choir. Mary Damron. Franklin Graham. And SOOO much more.

It was a beautiful night of worship and of seeing what God has been doing through OCC since its beginnings. One of the most amazing moments for me was when Michael W Smith stopped singing and you could hear the 9000 voices of the attendees all singing Holy Holy Holy together. My heart sang along as we tasted just a glimpse of what eternity will be as we sing worship together at the throne of God. I wish I had better pictures and video but thankfully others did... so I will be sharing many in the weeks to come.... here is the first.... I wish you ALL could have been there... but this will have to do.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Alex Nsengimana ~ A Story of God's Grace

Tonight I was blessed beyond measure by a young man, who God redeemed and saved for His mighty purpose and glory and I want to share his story with you all.

Alex Nsengimana currently lives in Minnesota, but he is from Rwanda. He was in the suburbs in a captured city in Rwanda, a nation in turmoil, as the president was assassinated in 1994, and the Hutu tribe was committing genocide of the Tutsi tribe.

He had lost his mother at a young age to HIV and did not know his dad, and so lived with his uncle and grandmother. During the war, his grandmother was taken out of their house and killed as she was a Tutsi. And all their stuff was taken as well. Then an uncle was killed. And they fled to the city and found it also terrible, with debris falling through their house, so much so that they did not sleep on their beds but under. They found themselves on the run, and Alex heard bullets, and he tried to dodge, and he slipped and fell. Saved. Fell in a cow pie... Yes God can even use a cow pie to great purpose. God saved Alex over and over again, but at the time he could not see that.

He stayed in a camp for 3 weeks and then went back to the house. His remaining relatives, the uncle and aunt, got sick, and so placed the 2 boys in the orphanage (but not the sister as she was too old) before they died.

Alex lost hope. He rejected God and felt without hope.

Then Operation Christmas Child came to the orphanage. Alex shared that he can remember that day as though it just occurred. He remembered particularly the comb he kept for 3 years.... and a colored stick that smelled funny, was sticky, but tasted good - a candy cane, his first candy cane.

With the shoebox, it was the first time he knew hope and love. A seed was planted and grew.

Then one day, he was chosen by the African Children's Choir among 12 children. He came to the US to sing. Although they rescued him and they were teaching him about God, he still questioned God.

As he was reading the Bible, he came to Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Alex realized that God had a plan for his life, for those He had saved. He saw then the many times God had saved him from death and tragedy and gave his life to God.

He knew that God loved not just Alex, but also his enemies, the same. And he read the Lord's Prayer... realizing that God was asking him to forgive even those that killed his family. God continued to heal his heart. Alex wanted to forgive the man face to face, so that the man could know the peace that God had brought him.

Through OCC Alex had the opportunity to deliver shoeboxes to the VERY orphanage where he had lived. And he also got to meet and forgive face to face the man...

This is the power of God and the power of a shoebox. God is using each box for His glory to change the lives of children.

(Do you recognize the story?

I posted it from the Samaritan's Purse blog just a bit ago...  )

Immeasurably More

Ephesians 3:20-21  
 Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

This Bible verse and the phrase "immeasurably more" has been a recurring theme at this OCC conference ever since Lou Giglio's amazing teaching last night. I want to write about it... there was so much in it... and truthfully I feel as though I am not up to the task, for his words were so striking, so poignant, so clear, and so inspirational that I know I can not capture them here, but until I write a full blog on it, I wanted to bring this phrase up to you.

God has done immeasurably more than we could have ever asked for or imagined with Operation Christmas Child in 20 years. 100 million boxes. But, our God can do so much more... and WILL. 

As we worship and praise our God for the work through this ministry, I want to encourage you to continue in prayer. Our AWESOME God is doing more even now than we can imagine... pray and expect more. And rejoice because our Creator is big enough for the task, and we need to think bigger, because our God is "able to do IMMEASURABLY MORE that ALL we ask or imagine according to His power." Praise be to God!!!

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, God's Love in Action

Today at lunch I sat with an international volunteer from Madagascar and he shared how throughout Africa, the shoeboxes are such a powerful means of evangelism.

Where there is poverty or political strife, different groups come in... they may be Muslim or Christian or secular and the words that bombard them have little meaning. It is not that people are closed to the gospel but so many words come to them, but they are hurting and hungry and in need. Words have only so much effect.

But the simple shoebox is a demonstration of love acted out. It is not really about the STUFF but it opens doors when they realize that BECAUSE of God's love for us, we share these gifts with them, even though we do not know them... and that act softens hearts in preparation for the planting of God's Word.

Children hear the Word and they experience God's love. Children and parents and communities can come to the Lord as hearts are made ready and ears are opened and lives are made new, because YOU packed a shoebox.

God loves those precious children.... and when YOU share your love with a child you never meet, they taste that love. The effect of your shoebox will not be known by you until Heaven... but what a joyful reunion that will be... when you will see what God has done... "immeasurably more" than we can imagine.

Breakfast with Kumar and Paul

This morning I was blessed to eat breakfast with 2 team members from Fiji! Paul is over the region including Fiji and surrounding islands and Kumar is their logistics volunteer. They shared how God is working through the shoeboxes... and so I just had to share as well.

 When I asked for what their prayer requests were... they said for the VET, for taxes and customs, as this year they had to pay to get many of the boxes as the government did not believe they were for donations. They are meeting with the government this year.... so please pray for favor and that God would make the way clear for the shoeboxes.

These men are so on fire for the Lord.. and they work as volunteers. Paul is full time ministry, not only with OCC and TGJ but also as pastor, and God provides for him, and his wife works as well to support them. He walks in faith, and God provides all their needs. Both Paul and Kumar smiled and smiled. Such joy and love upon their faces, shining from within. And they shared so many blessings through the shoeboxes!

Paul shared a story that he witnessed: a boy had so wanted a toy truck... a simple $2 toy, but his family could not afford it. All his friends played together with their toys, but he did not have one so could not join in. It was to the point that he had decided to just try and steal one. That morning however, God revealed himself to this boy through a shoebox. When it was time to open the boxes, he found in the top not one but 3 different color trucks. And the boy, who at that point they knew nothing about, stood up, dropping all else, to show his friends in great excitement, that they have 1 but he now has 3! The volunteers came over and learned the story of this boy... and heard the great joy about this gift, and how he was planning on stealing that very day, but God brought him MORE than he desired.

He also shared how in one Hindu village there were no believers and the shoeboxes came in. That distribution only one child made a decision for Christ at the event, but from that one child, 30 people were baptized and a church planted and built and God is working in the village. In another area, a village had been trying and trying to build a church but could not get the support, until the shoeboxes came in, and now the church is built and thriving, and now a Kindergarten where they are teaching God's Word to the hindus in the area who attend. And God's Word is going forth!!

 Well, I have more to share, but Franklin Graham has begun the session... so I will write more later.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Heart of OCC ~ Sharing the Love of God and the Good News with Children around the World!!!

WOW.. another great session this afternoon!! I am sitting here waiting for the first General Session and blogging to you about just a bit about what I learned. The rest of this fabulous session was from Sam from India.. and was AMAZING... but will have to follow in later posts. I know my posts are chaotic... but there is SO Much here at the conference!! I wish you could all share in this with me!

And so now... a taste of the session The Heart of OCC

The mission of Operation Christmas Child is "to demonstrate God's love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ."

And that mission statement is the heart of OCC... sharing God's love... sharing the Good News... to CHILDREN.

Why Children? This was the first question they covered in the CONNECT session.
Scripture tells us how precious children are.. "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." (Luke 18:16)

But the session also shared some other reasons. Children are a large and often overlooked people group. They are the most oppressed segment of the global population.

Also realistically children are the most fruitful field for evangelism. Not yet hardened by the world, these children are often ready soil for the seed of the Gospel. 85% of people worldwide come to Christ before the age of 15. This is the age for Operation Christmas Child... and we can make a HUGE difference in this age group.

And finally, little children, when they come to Christ are GREAT evangelists! They are bold for Christ! If you bring a child to Christ you could be bringing their whole family, their friends, and the impact can go so far beyond the individual. And if they take the Greatest Journey they are discipled in the Word but also equipped to share the Gospel with those around them.

Why shoeboxes?? That simple gift can be a powerful demonstration of God's love. Most of us have heard many stories of the perfect item getting in the shoebox! If you haven't take some time to read some of the Impact stories at the tab above. But more important than the items in the box, is that that simple shoe box opens doors to the Gospel that may not be otherwise available!

And just in case you thought that the 100 million shoeboxes given out means we can rest... How about these statistics? There are almost 2 billion people in the world who have virtually no exposure to the Gospel message. Those 100 million shoeboxes have gone a LONG way in evangelizing children... but it is a drop in the bucket! So lets keep going! Each shoebox is a Gospel opportunity! REJOICE for God is WORKING around the world in the hearts of the 100 million that received shoeboxes, in their families and communities, and He is working right now, preparing hearts for the next 100 million as well!

The Greatest Journey

I have shared in the past about The Greatest Journey, often abbreviated as TGJ, but today at the OCC conference I just went to a session on it... and I cried. (Regular readers are likely NOT surprised.)

God is working in a scope beyond my small mind's understanding to bring countless children to the Lord, through OCC and Samaritan's Purse and through the Greatest Journey.


So what is the Greatest Journey? It is a series of 12 lessons, developed by a team including Samaritan's Purse, national teams, Bible translation experts, and curricula developers to teach about Christ, about the Christian life, and to empower children to be missionaries themselves in simple lessons in so many languages, in a way that is understandable even if before the shoebox they have never even heard the name of Christ... so that the Great Commission is carried out POWERFULLY. And it has been!

As of 2012, TGJ has been offered in 80 countries. Over 29,700 teachers were trained. Over 496,000 children GRADUATED from TGJ and received a New Testament in their own language.

Over 290,900 DOCUMENTED first time professions of faith were made in the classes. So far, since its inception that number is a WONDERFUL 665,000 children!

If this number seems low... compared to the number of shoeboxes... I suppose it is. In the next few weeks I will share SO much more about TGJ.. prayer requests, goals, lessons, and challenges. So check back and see what an amazing ministry this is....

This is SO much more than a shoebox. This is about children coming to Christ... but more than that too... not just a first time decision but DISCIPLESHIP and about the multiplying effect that happens as these children who are ON FIRE for God are taught about God and how to follow Christ but also how to SHARE the gospel. THIS Is why the impact is beyond imagining.

Please pray for TGJ.. pray for the children who are invited to participate that their hearts would be softened that they WOULD take this course. Pray for finances as each lesson is approximately $6 and this is not part of the shoebox $7. Pray for more translations. And for the job of teaching 100,000 teachers over the next years.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tonight I met Mary Damron!!!

Do you know Mary Damron??? the Shoebox Lady??? If not please take the time to watch the below video to learn about her. But anyway.. she is an AMAZING woman, and I am SO thrilled that she was here victorious in her battle against cancer to attend this conference where I KNOW she will be a blessing to all she meets. I am STILL gushing.

Please continue praying for her that God would fill her with His strength and pour out His mercies upon her throughout this conference.

At the Operation Christmas Child Global Connect Conference!!

Hey all! I am at the conference!! Sooo excited to be here!!

The conference is not officially underway for ME yet but the Global volunteers have been going for 2 days already. Ours starts tomorrow morning. YAY.

As you would expect, the conference is being well covered in prayer. I have seen prayer team members all over.  But we covet continued prayer from all of you, that God would be in every detail, from transportation, to technology, and with each of the speakers and guests.
I learned just how big this is today also.... and I am rejoicing. The estimates are 1300 US volunteers, 60 Canadian volunteers, 400 international volunteers, and 300 staff. WOW. In all 102 countries are represented!! How exciting to be part of this ministry!

I will be blogging as I am able throughout the conference and I know I will have material enough for months to come!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Have you checked out the Easter sales yet??? Being in Florida for the Convention means I have not been shopping and can not post specific deals but I know this.. there are GREAT deals to be had!!

Walmart has tons of small plush that started at 2.97 and now will be at 1.50. (It MIGHT get to 75% off but maybe not as they sell well.) Great toys and pencils and cups. Candy candy candy!!

There are reports of Target markdowns as well if you are near one. I hear some stores have slinkies for just 50 cents!

Don't forget Michael's Craft stores.. their dollar spot and seasonal items can get to GREAT prices!!

Oh.. and if you see exceptional deals on plastic eggs?? You might be able to use them as well.. how about to make egg shakers? Or to hold a mini sewing kit??

My favorite items are those that share the christian message... items of religious nature.. and of stuffed animals? LAMBS!

See what you find and if you see a great deal share it here.