Friday, April 5, 2013

Breakfast with Kumar and Paul

This morning I was blessed to eat breakfast with 2 team members from Fiji! Paul is over the region including Fiji and surrounding islands and Kumar is their logistics volunteer. They shared how God is working through the shoeboxes... and so I just had to share as well.

 When I asked for what their prayer requests were... they said for the VET, for taxes and customs, as this year they had to pay to get many of the boxes as the government did not believe they were for donations. They are meeting with the government this year.... so please pray for favor and that God would make the way clear for the shoeboxes.

These men are so on fire for the Lord.. and they work as volunteers. Paul is full time ministry, not only with OCC and TGJ but also as pastor, and God provides for him, and his wife works as well to support them. He walks in faith, and God provides all their needs. Both Paul and Kumar smiled and smiled. Such joy and love upon their faces, shining from within. And they shared so many blessings through the shoeboxes!

Paul shared a story that he witnessed: a boy had so wanted a toy truck... a simple $2 toy, but his family could not afford it. All his friends played together with their toys, but he did not have one so could not join in. It was to the point that he had decided to just try and steal one. That morning however, God revealed himself to this boy through a shoebox. When it was time to open the boxes, he found in the top not one but 3 different color trucks. And the boy, who at that point they knew nothing about, stood up, dropping all else, to show his friends in great excitement, that they have 1 but he now has 3! The volunteers came over and learned the story of this boy... and heard the great joy about this gift, and how he was planning on stealing that very day, but God brought him MORE than he desired.

He also shared how in one Hindu village there were no believers and the shoeboxes came in. That distribution only one child made a decision for Christ at the event, but from that one child, 30 people were baptized and a church planted and built and God is working in the village. In another area, a village had been trying and trying to build a church but could not get the support, until the shoeboxes came in, and now the church is built and thriving, and now a Kindergarten where they are teaching God's Word to the hindus in the area who attend. And God's Word is going forth!!

 Well, I have more to share, but Franklin Graham has begun the session... so I will write more later.

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