Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mary Damron Sings God On The Mountain at 100 Million Shoebox Event

This is not my video, and is a video of the video screen at the event, but the only one I could find of this song, which touched me so deeply... may you be blessed also.

I was so blessed by meeting Mary Damron at Connect. She is a lovely woman whose life shows that AMAZING things can be done by ONE person who just goes all out to follow God's leading. And she surely has been used by God in mighty ways. Please continue to pray for Mary Damron as she battles cancer and illness.. and rejoice with me that she was able to make it to the celebration. If you do not know who Mary Damron is, learn a bit about her and her participation in Operation Christmas Child, watch this video, and know that you can make a difference whether you pack one shoebox or a hundred. And ask yourself, God what can I do? And then watch God work!

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