Monday, April 1, 2013


Have you checked out the Easter sales yet??? Being in Florida for the Convention means I have not been shopping and can not post specific deals but I know this.. there are GREAT deals to be had!!

Walmart has tons of small plush that started at 2.97 and now will be at 1.50. (It MIGHT get to 75% off but maybe not as they sell well.) Great toys and pencils and cups. Candy candy candy!!

There are reports of Target markdowns as well if you are near one. I hear some stores have slinkies for just 50 cents!

Don't forget Michael's Craft stores.. their dollar spot and seasonal items can get to GREAT prices!!

Oh.. and if you see exceptional deals on plastic eggs?? You might be able to use them as well.. how about to make egg shakers? Or to hold a mini sewing kit??

My favorite items are those that share the christian message... items of religious nature.. and of stuffed animals? LAMBS!

See what you find and if you see a great deal share it here.

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