Thursday, August 2, 2012

Use Amazon???

Have you ever placed an order and thought.... "Oh, if I spend just a couple dollars more I would get free shipping!!" I have. And now I have a WONDERFUL SOLUTION. Order something for Operation Christmas Child!!!!

Recently I ordered a book for my daughter who was prepping for the ACT test (which she did SO well... so proud.... but anyway I digress) and the book cost $23. It was a product that would qualify for free shipping if I spent $25. Shipping on that heavy book was going to be $6. And I decided I would much rather buy $6 worth of stuff for the shoeboxes than pay shipping. And I found a 12 pack of finger puppets for $4. YAY. Soooo I spent $2 LESS than if I had paid shipping and got finger puppets for the shoeboxes!

I can't claim that this idea is all my own, because clipwithpurpose actually set up a shop of their own that has a bunch of stuff that could be bought inexpensively to help you get to your free shipping. You can find this store at

If you are packing many boxes, then her choices make SO much sense... big mega packs of items to add to a bunch of boxes. Maybe because you pack a lot, like I do, or maybe because you have a church or group packing party. In that case buying in bulk makes LOTS of SENSE. I have found other options than hers over time and they often vary, so if you want to search for different options go ahead. I have found great deals that way.

BUT if you are just packing a FEW boxes you can also use this! There are many items that could be bought for your shoeboxes this way. Jumpropes, harmonicas, recorders, toys, dolls, clothing, flip flips... that you could get essentially for free for your shoeboxes in this way.

FREE.. that is my FAVORITE WORD!

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