Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Host a Packing Party

When I think of an OCC Packing Party, I often think of the big ones... the ones that are community wide or with K-Love or a big church packing party. Big scale. But the reality is as awesome as those are... they are not the majority of packing parties. But a SMALL SCALE PACKING PARTY? This CAN happen!!! It is a fun and easy way to multiply the gifts to precious children and grow awareness as well.

Besides.. Who doesn't LOVE A PARTY??

Packing parties can come in all shapes and sizes and for all sorts of groups. They can end with just a couple boxes packed or a LOT of boxes packed. There are so many possibilities that I am just going to list a bunch.

Who can have a packing party???
- Women's groups, Men's groups, Bible Studies, Youth Groups
- Clubs - 4H, Scouting, Quilting clubs, Service Clubs, AWANAS, Campus Clubs.....
- Neighbors
- Birthday boy or girl
- Friends and Family 

How can you organize a packing party???
  1. Have everyone bring a bunch of a single type of item from a list... say one person brings toothpaste and toothbrush, another school supplies, another plush, another clothes, etc.
  2. Have everyone bring ONE item and put together a box or two
  3. Collect items at meetings or monthly making certain items the item of the month
  4. Get together and craft for the boxes throughout the year, then bring toiletries and school supplies, etc.
There are many possibilities. And every one of them is AWESOME because it results in more shoeboxes!

One blogger wrote a great blog on packing parties, so for more ideas check out

And remember that Operation Christmas Child WANTS to support you.... so there are resources available for you to order for free at Scroll down until you see Party Pack. They include:

Party Pack

(while supplies last) Conveniently designed for a party of 20. This pack contains everything you need for a fun-filled and successful OCC party:
  • Packing Party Hosting Guide
  • Magnet
  • Poster
  • Pen
  • Logo Stickers
  • Coloring Activity Pages
  • Pack A Box Brochures
  • Prayer Bookmarks
Nothing better than a PARTY so have FUN, have a PARTY, and help some children! 

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