Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hope Changes Everything

The above picture is from Operation Christmas Child FB page. I have so enjoyed their series of photos recently and so will continue to share some of them with you here on the blog.

This morning this story was also on their feed:

A mother brought her 3-year-old son to an OCC shoe box distribution in Belize. She said that several days before the distribution, he had asked her for some marbles. When he opened his box, there was a bag of marbles in the box! His mother began to cry, and said she felt that God had given her child something he really desired.

Our God.... He answers prayers. He gives true Hope and Joy! And through Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, we can  share God's love, His hope, and His joy! Remember to pray as you shop and as you pack. The simple dollar store marbles may be an answer to prayer... may be just what a child wants... and be the simple gift that shows that our God cares!

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