Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Clearance and Back To School Finds

I LOVE CLEARANCE!!! Today I found a selection of items around town including...

-tape measures in fun colors clearanced to 25 cents each
-fun flip flops (patterned) at 97 cents each

Michael's (LOTS of clearance bins at 75% off)
- magnifying glasses at 25 cents each
- good quality jump ropes at 59 cents each
- beach balls at 25 cents each
- solid color flip flops at 74 cents each
- journals at 25 cents each Staples
- 1 cent packs of lined notebook paper (limit 5, $5 purchase required)

- princess jump ropes 50 cents each
- more school supplies
- zip lock bags on sale, plus used a printable coupon from

 I am looking forward to prices continuing to drop on summer items.... still hoping for more sports items and toys for boys.

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