Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Twin Miracle

The below post is from the official Operation Christmas Child facebook page (from the US) at

Twin girls arrived a shoe box gift distribution in the Philippines. They stood in line to receive their gifts, which were being distributed according to age and gender but had not been opened since being shipped from the United States. When the girls opened their boxes, the items in them were identical and letters inside the two boxes explained that they had been packed by twin girls in the U.S.!

Our boxes often go to the Philippines! What a wonderful affirmation that God IS working and He is working THROUGH Operation Christmas Child!!! Please remember to pray as you pack your boxes! We are doing this in service of an AWESOME GOD!

Note: at each distribution the boxes remain taped shut until after prayer time over the boxes, and are only opened BY the children after a countdown... so this was NOT orchestrated by man... but by GOD!

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