Saturday, August 18, 2012

2 Crochet patterns for hats that are TOO cute for words

As I have said before, I do not crochet, but these patterns are too adorable to pass up.

If YOU crochet, I can't imagine a cuter thing to put in the boxes, especially for the little ones.

The pattern for this is available free from ravelry! The designer, Elizabeth Trantham, outdid herself with this one. Now what little girl wouldn't adore this??? Find the pattern at

When I first saw this one, I immediately thought of the adorable theme boxes of Hello Kitty by Project 414... such as this one at  If you took the time to make this precious hat, it would be a fabulous centerpiece for a hello kitty theme box!

And then, this one!!! Oh my goodness! So cute for either a boy or girl! This fuzzy polar bear hat pattern is also available for free from ravelry at The designer Ashley Phelps is brilliant!

If you crochet, I think these would be so special to include in the box. Made with love and prayers and sure to be treasured by the receiving child.

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