Saturday, January 26, 2013

Your gifts are blessings...

This is an older impact story, simple, but shows how very much your shoebox is a blessing.

Algeria, 2003 - Three years ago we distributed one container of shoeboxes


Three years ago we distributed one container of shoeboxes. This year I stayed in a camp near that distribution site. One night a lady came to the reception area where I was and asked to see me. She had a note from a child that had been in a box she received three years ago. She had kept the note -actually, it looked like it had just been opened. She talked with us about how her children had been so glad to receive the gifts and she wanted to write the family that had sent the shoebox. So we wrote a thank you letter for her and talked with her for some time. She invited us to her tent for tea the next night. When we got there and saw her tent I realized that she was very poor. A baby lay on the floor and she said the child was hers. I asked her how old the baby was and she said nine months. Later she told us the child only weighed five kilos (approx 12 lbs.). She served us tea, gave us gifts, and kept telling us how blessed she was to receive a gift -no matter that it was three years ago. We shared with her about why we were there -because we loved Jesus and wanted to share with her and also how that families that care about the Sahrawi had put together the gifts. We were touched and blessed by her generosity and her gratefulness.

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