Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Paper at Staples and Simple Note Pad Tutorial

I found this deal over at ClipWithPurpose.. an AWESOME OCC blog I have linked in my sidebar.

Staples 8.5×11 Multipurpose Paper $6.99
Submit for $6.99 Easy Rebate with Coupon (Limit 1)
Final Price: FREE after Rebate!
Staples 8.5×11 Pastel Colored Paper $8.99
Submit for $8.99 Easy Rebate with Coupon (Limit 2)
Final Price: 2 for FREE after Rebate!

Plus she has a GREAT tutorial on how to make pads of paper to include in your shoeboxes!
With a simple recipe for padding compound available on her site. Learn more at http://www.clipwithpurpose.com/free-copy-paper-another-pad-tutorial/

or you can buy padding compound at amazon.com and use to make a LOT of pads.

There is a LOVELY tutorial for this at http://www.ohmyhandmade.com/2010/what-we-know/tutorials/tutorial-making-personalized-notepads/
Think of the blessing these pads of paper could be to the child who receives them.. whether decorated or plain... they are a BLESSING. And with FREE PAPER????

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