Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Day of a New Year = A New Stash for OCC

Today I took my first inventory of my stash for Operation Christmas Child. Because it is my hope to go to the Operation Christmas Child volunteer conference this year... I am not planning on donating enough for 100 boxes, but I am continuing in my shopping for my own family and to support some of the packing parties in the area with what deal I can find. To that end, so far I have:

2 floss = Free
2 toothpastes = Free
12 soap = $1.20
36 washcloths = $4
144 Christmas pencils = $3
10 Bic pens = Free
36 mini packs of crayons = $1.48
4 reams of paper = free
12 plastic Christmas cups = $1.50
12 flavored lip balm = $1.50
4 hairbrushes = $2 (cute ones too!!!)
Photo Paper = FREE (for printing photos to go in shoeboxes)

All this for UNDER $15!!!! Quite a good start to my stash. :)  These specials were all shared HERE as I found them.... so watch my blog and see how much you can get for so little! If you are packing just 1-2 boxes.... you can fill them with mostly FREE stuff. (You will likely HAVE to buy a plush and a couple of toys.. but the rest is usually available FREE if you are watching for the deals!)

I have also been blessed with a donation of 6 pairs of shoes and 6 sets of socks and extra fun stuff from a generous employee of Payless Shoes!

I have also received a promise of 50 hand made tote bags for our youth packing party!!

And I have received donations of wrapping paper!!

PLUS did you know that if you save just 15 cents a week ... by November you will have your $7 to cover shipping?? Sounds pretty painless, doesn't it??? 

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  1. You have a great start! Love the figure of just 15 cents per box if saved weekly.