Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our God SAVES! Our God HEALS!

This story comes from the international director for South Africa: 

One of the teachers who has been trained to teach The Greatest Journey discipleship program had a student in her class named Maya who was older than all the other children because she had a hard time in school. She suffered from meningitis and couldn’t walk or talk very well. She had been spurned by other kids most of her life and could only sit in the back of the room. After listening to the lessons taught by Kahuna, she received Christ and found hope in her life. She communicated to Kahuna that she had knew of 20 kids she wanted to teach but of course she couldn’t speak. So Kahuna got a helper to teach and while teaching, Maya became able to talk and walk! Can you imagine?! What a wonderful testimony to God’s grace in her life!

 To God be the glory!!!

I couldn't resist sharing once again this video from OCC South Africa

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