Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making Jewelry with Washers

I love love love some of these projects below. I can't wait to have a crafting party with these as some of the projects. I believe this would be especially fun with teen girls, and to add to the shoeboxes of 10-14 year old girls.

The simplest one I found was this one  
I love how easy it is... but it can be added to in many ways. I love the idea of using Bible verses and I love the touch of glitter. Learn how at

Isn't this cute? And you could do many variations, changing the cord up for ribbon or leather. You could put on small rhinestones or glitter or charms. Or do more than one washer with a smaller one layered on top. So simple and so cute. Learn how at

This one is more complicated, requiring more supplies.. but the effect is so beautiful I could not resist including it.  This uses special alcohol inks, and it would be beautiful with or without the wire wrapping and beads. The wire and beads could be added to any of the above options too.... see all the possibilities?? Learn how to make this beautiful pendant at

How about just using nail polish to decorate the washer? Charms could be added, or extras as above.. but this is fun. And with all the sparkly and fabulous nail polishes available in EVERY color, the options are limitless in this easy variation of the washer jewelry.
Learn how to do this at

There are so many other variations out there... I have included just a bit more below.

Metal stamps are another addition that could be neat. Don't you love this ribbon on this one??

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