Friday, January 11, 2013

Tell Them They Are BEAUTIFUL

This is another one of the beautiful and touching blogs from Muthering Heights about her Operation Christmas Child distribution. Once again she stirred my heart. Taste a bit of her blog here but... please read the whole thing at 

NOTE: Unfortunately the above link is no longer operational... now I wish I had copied the whole blog post... it was touching beyond words... but be blessed by this tiny section.

Who will tell these girls, living in such poverty, that they’re beautiful?  Who will tell them they are precious, unique, irreplaceable?  Who will tell them they matter…that God knows their names, the number of hairs, swept carefully back, on their darling little heads?
You will.

You will tell them with hair bows and pencils and strawberry candies.  You will tell them with notebook paper and silly bands and a toothbrush and socks. With a little box of gifts that says, “I see you.  Jesus sees you too, and he calls you beautiful.”

I love to make the girls who receive the box feel beautiful... putting in jewelry (homemade or play jewelry), play crowns, hair accessories, clothing, etc. To let the child know she is precious to God and beautiful!!!! Because of that I have often posted craft ideas here.... here are some ones I have done before, and some new ones.

Pillowcase Dress

Floral hairpins


And now a new one.. that I love! From the blog Sew Delightful a simple craft to make floral hairbands for younger girls at

and a different variation for older ones at

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  1. Thanks sew much for sharing about the headbands!! Dress A Girl Around the World adds these to the dresses for needy girls!!