Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reflecting on the Blessings I have Received from OCC

Today, I woke feeling VERY blessed. You see, yesterday, after many long days of preparation, I hosted a Thank You Celebration for Operation Christmas Child. Leading up to the event I was excited, tired, and more than a bit frazzled and nervous. Today, I am just deeply deeply blessed.

At the event I met so many wonderful people. People who have packed shoeboxes, many for YEARS and YEARS and wanted to learn more. As I shared the stories of the shoeboxes and showed pictures and managed (thank you Lord) not to cry myself until the very last one, I looked out at these lovely people and saw smiles and tears and wonder and joy.

I saw the heart of Jesus shining back at me.

I have always felt blessed to be able to pack a shoebox. Blessed to be able to give. Blessed by the stories of the shoeboxes and how God is working. But now, I meet so many wonderful people who have such a heart for the Lord and for children and for missions. And I find myself rejoicing in the riches of God's blessings and the beauty of His church. From all over the Klamath Area people came... from Chiloquin and Bly and from all over town from all different churches.

If you were one of the people there yesterday... THANK YOU.

You blessed me. God blessed me through you. I pray God blesses you richly for your service and your faithfulness and your encouragement and your love. And I look forward to the day when we can meet again.

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  1. We are blessed by you, Rhonda! Thank you for your commitment & faithfulness to God's call. I was just as blessed to realize more than ever (after many years of giving to OCC) what an impact the boxes adults as well as the children. It's amazing how God's Word is truly going to all ends of the earth...Praise be to God.

    Looking forward to meeting again!
    Renee Hanks