Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where Are Our Shoeboxes Going, Part 2

I was so excited to hear from one of the readers of the blog, Kay, about where she believes the shoeboxes from this area may be going... so excited I just HAD to share! I love knowing for it just adds MORE detail to my prayers for the shoeboxes!

Here is her note:

"I believe the boxes from Oregon, Washington, and northern California were trucked to be processed in Huntington Beach, CA. Shoeboxes processed there went to Nepal, Mongolia, Panama, Peru, and the Philippines. I have not heard the numbers of boxes sent to each country. The day I volunteered in the H.B. processing center, the boxes went to the Philippines. Oregon boxes may have been shipped to these five countries, or more."

Our boxes WERE processed in California.. and this certainly matches what we know so far. We know that area boxes this year HAVE gone to Nepal and the Philippines.. and we know that they have gone to Mongolia in past years. How exciting that they may also have gone to Peru and Panama as well! We may yet learn of other areas as well. Praising God for His work in these areas.. may His Word go forth powerfully with EACH box.

And please DO let us know if you hear where your boxes went! We want to rejoice and pray with you.

Just because I am now SO excited to learn of other possibilities including Panama.. here is an OCC video with Matthew West in PANAMA.

PS I know some of you were having problems posting comments.. not being tech savvy, it took me a while to figure it out... but I have changed comment permissions so hopefully everyone can now post comments here. 

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  1. I live in the St Louis area and our boxes went to Rwanda and Niger this year! Last year all of our boxes went to Peru and we were contacted by one of our shoebox recipients! I love that they track the boxes now, it's so fun to find out where our boxes are headed :)