Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where are Our Boxes Going???

Here from the Klamath Area, and from the whole Northwest, our boxes go many places. They vary year by year.... so please, if you tracked your package, share where you are from and where yours went in the comments section.

We know a lot of ours go to the Philippines. This is why we have made that an area of prayer focus. And so far I have already heard from two people who have received notification that that is where their boxes have gone.

I also know some have gone to NEPAL this year! Isn't that exciting? I have shared this video before but it is breathtaking... maybe YOUR box went there. I hope you enjoy this video of OCC and Nepal ~ Reaching into the Darkness:

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  1. I received this note from Kay and wanted to pass it on... SO exciting!!
    "I believe the boxes from Oregon, Washington, and northern California were trucked to be processed in Huntington Beach, CA. Shoeboxes processed there went to Nepal, Mongolia, Panama, Peru, and the Philippines. I have not heard the numbers of boxes sent to each country. The day I volunteered in the H.B. processing center, the boxes went to the Philippines. Oregon boxes may have been shipped to these five countries, or more."

    Our boxes WERE processed in California.. and this certainly matches what we know so far. Praising God for His work in these areas.. may His Word go forth powerfully with EACH box.