Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free UNO Cards at Target

Normally I don't post Target freebies on this site (although I do on the OCC Southern Oregon FB page) since we do not have a Target here in Klamath... but I thought my audience is bigger than here AND some of you might be braving the pass this week for Christmas shopping so...

I found this over at ClipWithPurpose: 

FREE UNO Cards at Target!

"UNO Cards on your list? Hurry on out to Target and look around the checkout area for specially marked packages of UNO Cards. Look for the packs with a yellow stripe on them that says “save $5 on your next purchase”. There is a $5 off coupon inside of these packages.
You buy the first pack, get a $5 coupon and then you can get another pack for free (and so on). These would make great stocking stuffers or donations to a local charity.
Some packs have a blue stripe, but those coupons expired a while ago. There are also some that say “save $3″ so be aware of those packages too.
The coupon is valid through 12/31!"

If your Target has these packs it could mean FREE cards for your shoeboxes!

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