Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celebrating Christmas in the Republic of Georgia

Oh my... this video had me in tears. I had to rush over and blog about it, and share it with you, my readers! This is a brand new video showing Operation Christmas Child distributions in the nation of Georgia. This one touches ME so personally because my mother is from Latvia, another of the former Soviet nations. For decades, under Soviet rule, these nations could not teach openly about Jesus. They lived in darkness. Now coming out of the breakup they face much economic difficulties, and in the case of Georgia, violence as well. But there IS hope! Jesus is HOPE and LIGHT! And as this video shares, these shoeboxes are opening doors to the gospel. They bring joy and show love to these precious children.

Please take a moment now and watch this video, and see what the Lord is doing through Operation Christmas Child and your simple gifts!

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