Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tool Box Packing Party

I found a post over at the Steward Shop blog and was blown away... and my mind went spinning... and my heart went thump thumping as I thought of the blessing those boxes would be to the boy who received them. Potentially LIFECHANGING. WOW. Over at the Steward Shop blog she described a very special packing party.... packing what they called Career boxes for boys for Operation Christmas Child! They packed such amazing things in their boxes- tools as well as school supplies, toiletries, and toys!

And I thought, I absolutely must hurry over to my blog and post this! Now!! Maybe out there... somewhere in blogland, there is another person who finds this exciting as I do.. and wants their Men's Bible study or prayer group to do this... or their son's Boy Scout group.. or their family... or or or.....

What a blessing. And you are probably by now wondering WHAT IS THIS WOMAN RAMBLING ON ABOUT NOW?????

Ok.. enough of ME babbling and onto her post!!

PS. Yes. Toolboxes CAN be used.. and fishing boxes... IF and ONLY IF.. they are the size of standard shoeboxes and have handles, etc that lay flat.So useful!

PPS.. Do you see the potential? Fishing boxes. Sewing boxes. Cooking boxes. Oooooo what wonderful packing parties these could be! And what blessings for an age group that typically does not receive as many shoeboxes!

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  1. I was just as thrilled, and did one this past Christmas. I am collecting all year now, and doing sewing boxes with full-size scissors, too.