Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Teaching Children about Giving

I go on and on here about the benefits of Operation Christmas Child for the precious child who receives a shoebox, and for their family, and even community, but Operation Christmas Child is also a blessing for the person who packs the shoebox.

I first fell in love with OCC because it was such a beautiful way to teach my children about giving, loving, and the great commission.

As a homeschooler and simply a parent, living out my faith and teaching my children in real life what it means to follow God is one of my goals. Our family gives to various charities and volunteers in the community but packing that simple shoebox was SO PERSONAL to my children that it taught in ways many of our other giving did not.

As we watched videos and talked about what to put in the box, the needs of other children around the world became clear. (My children also realized how much they DO have. Not a small deal in our commercial world.) How beautiful a thing to see a child tear up a bit at the reality of the world for some other children, and to WANT to give and to give MORE. My children loved those unknown children around the world quickly. That love and compassion grew as we prayed for them, wrote the letter, and packed the box.

My children learned in a meaningful way what the Great Commission is all about. This way of sharing about Jesus Christ is very different than sharing with a neighbor, but it is so powerful as well, to know that a child and perhaps their whole community will be changed because the Gospel is going forth.

My children are teens now. We are more involved in Operation Christmas Child than ever. This charity is so special to me, and it is so special to my kids too.

Sharing the love of Christ one shoebox at a time... what a precious gift... for all involved.

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