Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jesus in a Shoebox

Oh my goodness! I read this blog post and my heart melted! I believe yours will too. Our children packing boxes for other children! It is a blessing to see them LOVING others and having a heart for Christ and for these other children.

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Jesus in a Shoebox

We've been packing more shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.    We started a few weeks ago, with an outing for my daughter and her friend.  They packed our first box, and we have continued since then.
Right now the back of my van is full of goodies for our boxes - we will pack this week and deliver to our church.   
My son picked out some sweet teddy bears, along with New Testatments for them to hold.   He told me it was so they could "know Jesus like I do."    My dear, sweet boy.   It is exactly this spirit that makes these boxes such a blessing to so many children all over the world.   Our precious young ones are putting Jesus into each and every box they pack. 

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  1. Thank you for the share -- these boxes bless the givers as well! :-)