Thursday, October 25, 2012

God's Love and a Valentine's Miracle

This story is from Operation Christmas Child's Facebook page. Read and rejoice for our God is a god who LOVES and LIVES and WORKS... and that we can partner with Him through OCC! I read this story and couldn't WAIT to share it with you here on my blog! Enjoy.

Karen and her father, in his late 70's at the time, were shopping for OCC shoe box items at a local discount department store just after Valentine’s Day. They discovered small stuffed Valentine’s bears holding little hearts that said “Be Mine.”

Karen was skeptical about putting a Valentine’s Day bear in a Christmas box, but her father was convinced the bears were an excellent addition to their shoe box supply stock. So, they bought all of them--they filled their car until there was little to no visibility through the windows. The following shoe box collection season, the bears went into the boxes.

Months after the boxes were shipped, Karen received a letter from a small church in Mexico. It started with, “You need to know what you have done for our church . . .” According to the writer, the shoe box delivery truck pulled into their town on (can you guess?) February 13th and the church was planning a large Valentine’s Day party for the community! The theme was “Be Mine,” teaching the kids at the party that Jesus wanted them to be His children. Every child who came to the party got a box . . . with a bear, holding a heart that said “Be Mine.”

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