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Help Us Reach 100 Million Shoeboxes

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October 23, 2012

Help Us Reach 100 Million Children

As Operation Christmas Child closes in on a milestone, former shoe box recipients tell how the project changed their lives
Ever wonder what happens to a child after they receive a shoe box from Operation Christmas Child? For many, the impact is long lasting.

The change in their life that started with the shoe box gift carried on into their adult lives. Not only do they have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but they want to help other children also receive the life-saving gift that is Christ’s love.

Some former shoe box recipients have moved to the United States. Now adults, they help spread the word about their firsthand experiences with Operation Christmas Child and how a simple gift changed their lives. Many have even gone on to help with gift distributions in their home countries.

Both Livia Satterfield and Izabella McMillion distributed shoe boxes in Romania, where they grew up.

“When we were standing faced with children who were so expectant, I could see myself in those eyes and I know they were thinking the same thing I was thinking, that ‘I am receiving a gift and I haven’t done anything for it’,” McMillion said. “One box changed my life and allowed me to understand God better and I’m able to turn around and multiply the blessing by encouraging so many others to pack shoe boxes.”

Keren Banegas of Honduras, Lyrona Rexhepi of Kosovo, and Daniel Tirle of Romania are students at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri. They also know firsthand what it’s like to receive a shoe box gift. Now they pack boxes with their classmates to help pass on the blessing.

“I remember the feeling when I got it,” Banegas said about her shoe box. “It was so unique.”

As a result of her box, she gave her life to Christ and continues to be a spokesperson for Operation Christmas Child today.

Each shoe box given through Operation Christmas Child is more than a gift of toys and school supplies. Each box is prayerfully packed, and in the hands on a National Leadership Team member becomes a tool that not only puts a smile on a child’s face but also communicates Christ’s love across borders and beyond language barriers.

This year, we expect God to provide the 100 millionth shoe box gift packed and distributed since 1993. You can be a part of reaching this significant milestone. There are many ways to help, whether it’s packing your own box, spreading the word, or even dedicating your time to pray for the boys and girls who will receive these life-changing gifts.

Find out how to impact the live of a child through Operation Christmas Child.

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