Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Honduras native relates Operation Christmas Child miracle

This article is another beautiful story of God working through Operation Christmas Child! Please take the time to read the full story about what our Lord has done!

Here is just an excerpt of this great article:

The youngest boy of 10 children — which he insisted was a moderately sized family by Honduran standards — Perdomo said his family was very poor. His mother worked as a Christian pastor and midwife in the village, and only four of his siblings were able to go to school. When it was time for Perdomo himself to attend school, his family couldn’t afford the required school supplies: one pencil and one notebook.

“My mother said, ‘Don’t worry about it; we will pray,’” Perdomo told the crowd. “‘We will ask God to find a way for you to go to school.’ And I remember every night, every day praying, asking God.”

He said one day, someone came to the church where his mother preached and announced that the next day missionaries would arrive to hand out free stuff.

“I remember they came and handed me the box,” Perdomo said. “And I couldn’t believe it, what I had in my hands. We never celebrate birthdays, we never celebrated Christmas because we didn’t have the money and somebody gave me a free — free — gift. I was like, ‘Amazing, this box is so pretty.’ I didn’t want to open it.”

Perdomo said he didn’t want to tear into the beautiful box because he didn’t want to break it. Finally someone urged him to open it.

“Guess what was inside the box?” he asked his audience. “School supplies. I just kept pulling stuff out and pulling stuff out. Finally I was jumping up and down. It was five pencils, a notebook, crayons, a coloring book and a pair of scissors.”

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