Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4H joins with Operation Christmas Child

For years my children participated in 4H.. in fact, the first time I packed shoeboxes as a group was with 4H. I love the program for all its wonderful benefits, for all it teaches, from basic skills, to communication, and leadership.. and because it also focuses on service. So I rejoiced when I read the news that 4H is officially partnering with Operation Christmas Child this year!! Here is the announcement:

“We are thrilled to announce that we have just formalized a new partnership with 4H. 4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization. With more than 6 million youth, 540,000 volunteers, 3,500 professionals, and more than 60 million alumni, the 4-H movement supports young people form elementary school through high school with programs designed to shape future leaders.”
2012 Partnership will include:
  • National endorsement
  • Presence at National 4-H Extension Agent Conference in Orlando Oct. 21-25
  • Presence at National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, GA Nov. 23-27
  • Social media outlets

If you participate in 4H, please bring this to your leadership! Operation Christmas Child fits in perfectly with the goals of 4H, and is a short term project that can fit so well into the meetings.

A group can have a packing party, focus on making sewing kits or sewing projects for the boxes (or use other skills in 4H for the boxes), collect donations, help at the relay centers,  or promote OCC in their community. So many opportunities to get involved and to uphold the 4H pledge through this project.


  1. Rhonda-

    Hey, I found this article when searching "4H," come to find out that you and I met at Connect! In fact, you already have my email address - I just sent you something in your inbox this weekend!

    So where are you quoting this 4H partnership document? Was it on the Extranet? Was it elsewhere? Where could I find it the original?

    Thanks, Rhonda!!


    1. I have sent you the email I received from our regional manager here in the NW. :)

    2. Hi Rhonda,
      I am a 4-H organizational leader. I just found your post about the OCC/4-H partnership. Wondering if you could send me the original document. I would love to do a county wide OCC project. Right now we host work parties and a "grand packing party" at our home, which we would continue to do, but So many clubs participate and it would be great if we could have all of the county clubs involved. We love OCC and we love 4-h. Like you, we think it is a perfect match. Thanks so much.

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    4. The official announcement and letter is going to be sent out soon... or so I have heard. :) I guess these big endorsements take some time... I was so excited to hear the news, I guess I jumped the gun. But know that I will post the official letter and any link as SOON as I receive it. Thank you for your support. And I hope that this official partnership means MANY more clubs will be participating this year!