Friday, February 3, 2012

Theme Boxes

This is an idea I had never considered but as I poke around what others are doing with OCC shoeboxes I keep finding this idea. And I can certainly see how they could be fun.

Yes, one still includes basic toiletries and school supplies. They are such a staple for the shoeboxes... but after that... here are just a few themes to get your mind churning:

Sports theme: As so many children that receive shoeboxes have little access to sporting equipment, sports fans and enthusiasts, may well LOVE creating a sports theme box. Including items like balls, baseball cap, jump ropes, perhaps a team t-shirt, etc, could make a GREAT box for a child... sharing the love of fitness and fun with a child overseas.

Sewing Box: For sewing lovers, quilters, etc... this box can provide both practicality and fun! A hand-sewn tote bag or maybe a skirt or shirt for inside? How about lining the box with fabric? Including a sewing kit. Perhaps even a hand-sewn doll?

Craft Box: Lots of crafters out there.. and the possibilities for this box are endless! Art supplies, beading kits, etc. How about a sketchbook as well? You can fill this box with all sorts of fun things: Handmade toys, covered notebooks, a flower pen, hairbands, knit scarf... WHATEVER your craft is there are items that would be loved!

Safari theme: Stuffed animal of course.. how about school supplies bearing animals, small figures, maybe a tshirt with an animal on it. Maybe some inexpensive binoculars or a magnifying glass? (Please no toy snakes.. as these are a problem in some cultures.)

In the months to come I will be featuring themed boxes that we pack.. or that others have packed.. in the area. My daughter has already collected most of what she needs for a Princess theme box for both the 5-9 age and the 2-4 age ranges.

Want even MORE ideas for themes??? There is a whole post on it, including 10 themes at

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  1. I wondered about snakes. I ordered a lot of Beanie Babies on Ebay and it had a cute little snake, but I thought I shouldn't include it. Also, a scorpion--not even cute! I immediately knew I wouldn't send that. Thanks for the input.