Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let the Clearance Begin!!

It is the day after Valentine's and that means CLEARANCE. Right now the selection is great but the markdowns are at around 50%. Many stores will lower prices even more in the days and weeks to come, but selection will likely decrease as well. 

Today, I bought only a few things at Walmart. I bought heart shaped lollipops. I LOVE them.. as I think they are so cute to have in a mix of candy. Half off of the candy at places like Rite Aid, Walmart, and even Dollar Tree means that there are many hard candy options available. 

I also bought a couple of princess cups. Do you remember the Princess Theme boxes my daughter created? I couldn't resist picking up 2 plastic cups to go with the theme. They were half off.. so 44 cents each.. and I should be able to fit them in the boxes by filling them with some of the items in the boxes. Or maybe by putting the bag of candy in them. 

 The Valentine's plush is all 50% off. There was a LOT of it. A full aisle full. The ones in the picture started at 2.97.. at half off they are still more than dollar store per plush, but not by much. Some of it is VERY cute. And I love the theme of Valentine's day for the boxes.. sending them OUR love and the love of Christ in a box. I will be watching and hoping that these go down to 75% off. Now they are a good deal.. at 75% off they will be a GREAT deal! And these small plush are a great size for our boxes!
This is one of MANY little items also in the Valentine's aisles. The six pack of mazes started out at 97 cents.. so now the six mazes are around 50 cents each. There were two full boxes of these.. so they may make it to better clearance. I will be watching. :) 

I have not visited Fred Meyers or Kmart but they will have Valentine's clearance as well! 

Happy bargain shopping!

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