Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Life for Old Crayons

It's time for another craft project... and this one is one I have done in the past, way back when my kids were little and also when I was a nanny. As I was pondering how best to spend my OCC dollars, I began to think once again of crafting to stretch that dollar. I began to think of all the broken crayons likely thrown away around town. Especially at day care centers, pre-schools, schools, sunday school classrooms, etc. And I thought... hm.... maybe there is something we can do for OCC here. YES I think there IS. I remember this long ago project.. and searched the web. YES. I think this would be very good for the littles.. the 2-4 year olds.

HINT: I used to bend the tin cans used for melting into a spout.. easy to do. The most difficult part of this whole process is peeling the crayons. Be careful those cans get HOT.

PS.. you can also mix the crayons and do them simply in a muffin tin.. but I think these are both cuter and easier to use than a round mixed color crayon.

Woo hoo! I have old candy molds somewhere.. and HOW CUTE!!! Ooo and maybe if in a theme box, even CUTER. I know I have hearts and flowers. Those would be perfect for little girls. I will have to look to see what other molds I have. And I can watch for new used ones at garage sales.

I am going to go see what broken crayons I can scrounge up to make some of these. Maybe you have some as well. If you have the supplies these are FREE. And FREE is GOOD. A bit of time is all it takes to take junk and make something CUTE for our boxes. And practical too.

EDIT to add another.. and easier version. I think you could do it as the photo shows with mixed colors but why not with all one? I think no reason at all. So more than one option on how to do this. Neat! 

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