Saturday, February 11, 2012

Clearance Finds

      Today I was over in Medford to pick up empty shoeboxes and to clearance shop and I found some GREAT deals.
      The first was gloves! The Walmart here likely also has the same deal. 50% off the winter items... making the 2 packs of gloves around 65 cents each (or less than 33 cents per pair of gloves!!) Target had an even better deal.. with clearance prices of 50 cents per two pack.
     I became passionate about putting a pair of gloves into the shoeboxes after reading the story of Jamil. It is likely true that there are going to be clearances of the gloves throughout Klamath Falls soon if not yet.
      The second deal was at Kohls. They had red and white washcloths on clearance. The 8 packs were 80% off.. or $2 per 8 pack. I also had a Kohl's coupon to use on TOP of this clearance price.. if you have a Kohl's card you might have it as well. The Kohl's washcloths are nicer quality than the Walmart ones... but Walmart always has good prices.
      Today I am praising God for multiplying the money I spent on these items, allowing me to buy 80 pairs of gloves and 150 washcloths! And all of these items were bought using gift cards we had received at Christmas from family. YAY.
      The Dollar Tree in Medford had 12 packs of pencil sharpeners as well. I don't know if our local one has that product.

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