Monday, February 6, 2012

Packing Parties

Have you ever heard of an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party??? 
Who doesn't love a PARTY???
     They can be a wonderful and FUN way to pack boxes. I have been blessed to be part of several over the years that have taken different forms.. but since becoming a year round volunteer and reading about what others do, I realize I have only scratched the surface.

Here are just a few ideas of how people have done packing parties:
  • Operation Christmas Child Packing Birthday Party - this could also just be a group of friends or neighbors... but the concept is everyone brings some things.. and together you pack boxes with the misc. supplies you bring in. Combine with some food and fun.. and you have a neat way to put together boxes. And maybe introduce this fun ministry to others.
  • Church/Youth Group Packing party - collect the items year round perhaps with a suggested list each month (maybe based on sales? as well as covering basic needs. I will post one possible list at the end of this post) Then get together and fill boxes!!! By buying bit by bit year round and especially with sales.. more can be filled for less.
  • Club Packing Boxes- same as above but bring to monthly meetings.. a little at a time or all at once (AWANAS, 4H, Scouts, Sports teams, etc etc etc.)
  • Theme Packing Parties - same as above.. but maybe a sewing/quilting club MAKES things for the boxes.. or sports team builds sports theme boxes
  • Community Packing Party - this can be small or BIG scale. K-Love has done dozens around the nation... and other communities have done it on their own.. gathering donations from businesses and individuals towards a BIG party where people come together to pack the boxes. How fun!
This year I hope that we will have several packing parties around the area. Do you already do one?? Any ideas about how you made it work? 

I will be talking to businesses in the area (dentists, hotels, stores, etc) to gather some basic donations, God willing... and I will be sharing with those groups that would like help with their packing party. If you want help starting one, materials, ideas, or donations.. let me know. I would love to help.


After Christmas Clearance items- including wrapping paper, candy, toys, etc

After Valentine’s Day Clearance
-stuffed animals (hearts can show love of Christ)
-hard candy
-dollar store/craft store clearance items (notebooks, erasers, pencils, puzzles…)


After Easter Clearance
-stuffed animals (lambs!! Cute animals)
-hard candy
-dollar store/craft store clearance items (notebooks, erasers, pencils)


Vacation Items- hotel soap
Outdoor toys- Small balls, Frisbees, jump ropes (dollar store?)

Calculators, Sewing Kits (older children)
Musical Instruments (harmonicas, kazoos, small recorders or whistles)

Sale School and Art Supplies – pencils, pencil sharpener, crayons, smaller notebooks, markers, erasers, small construction paper

Clearance Summer T-shirts, flip flops, hats, socks

Combs, Hairbrushes, Hair Ribbons, Barrettes, etc

Leftover appropriate hard Halloween Candy

YEAR ROUND- ANY GREAT FIND, fun toys, free after rebate items, clearanced items, hand-made gifts (such as knit hats, tote bags, small soft toys, etc) 

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