Sunday, November 11, 2012

The gift of a shoebox ~ Becoming a child of the King

I read the story below on the FB for Mary Damron, a dear sister in Christ and volunteer with OCC, and immediately thought of some of the things I do for shoeboxes, making floral hair clips and bracelets to bring beauty into the lives of the children... and smiled. But I don't craft those things for every box, and maybe you don't either. Then I thought of other ways to make each girl feel special and treasured: dress up jewelry for children, of crowns, and all the play finery available, even from the dollar store. I want each precious girl to know they are loved and lovely... and help them realize they are truly a daughter of the King of Kings. 

MARY DAMRON -- Shoebox Corner -- It sad to say but many many children live on garbage dumps around the world. Even eating the rotten food that others have thrown out. Our children could never imagine that everything they have is someone else's trash. On a dump in Panama, one little 5 yr old girl shied away from all of us. She was covered in filth, hair matted and had a horrible smell. As she sat and opened her box, she carefully laid everything on the lid, trying not to get anything dirty. She suddenly squealed with joy as she had found a treasure. A plastic necklace that cost about a dollar. She put the necklace on and began to press it to her neck. Then she climb up onto an old rusty chair so everyone could see her and started blowing kisses. I know she felt like a little princess. In that moment you can understand the power of a simple shoebox. It doesn't change the circumstances for the children but it changes how they feel about themselves. For the first time in many of their lives, they feel special. PLEASE, PLEASE, Don't feel guilty because of what you and your family have. Just be grateful and share your blessings with others.

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