Thursday, November 15, 2012

Its Not Too Late!!!

Maybe you just heard about Operation Christmas Child... maybe you forgot or the time slipped past you. Well, you still have time! Collection week goes through the Monday morning! (The boxes leave Klamath Falls at 10am.... but we are open most of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning from 8-10)

Packing a shoebox is a simple thing you can do to have a HUGE impact in the life of a child. Your gift will bring blessings in so many ways.. from the basic items these children need... to the fun things that children desire... to the gospel message that has eternal consequences. But as big as the results are, this is a project you and maybe your children can do quickly and easily.

1. Find a box... a shoebox or a plastic box the size of a standard shoebox. You can wrap the lid and base separately, or even leave it plain.

2. Choose an age group (2-4, 4-9, or 10-14) and whether you want to create the box for a boy or girl.

3. Buy some items for your shoebox. The dollar store has all you need... or hit your local drug store, etc. Some ideas: toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and washcloth, school supplies, hat or gloves or tshirt, a stuffed animal or doll, fun toys, and maybe a bag of hard candy. Remember that we can not send liquids or food (other than hard candy) or war related toys.

Fill the box, and add a photo or note for your child. Sometimes kids can send a note back, so although rare, consider including your address or email.  Add $7 to cover shipping (or pay for your box online and print out a tracking label that will let you know by email where your box was sent.) And send the box off with love and prayer and drop it off during our collection hours before Monday the 19th at 10am. (For info on the location and time look in the right sidebar.)

And then know that you have made a HUGE difference to a child in need. These boxes go to children in abject poverty, war torn areas, and remote villages to children who have SO little and for whom this is very likely the only present they have ever received. And each box goes with a colorful booklet in their own language that teaches them about Jesus.

If you want to participate and you can't do a box this year, you can also pack a box online at

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