Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nothing is worth as much as ONE child coming to Christ

And your shoebox is a gospel opportunity for a child in need. When you pack a shoebox, and fill it prayerfully with things the child might need and items to make them smile, you are pouring God's love and your love upon that child! The box goes forth with the gospel. And know that over and over again.. millions of times over, children, their families, and even communities come to Christ through the blessings in the shoeboxes. God IS working.. and He can work through YOUR gift! You still have time to get a box in by tomorrow morning's deadline... but if you can't do it this year... know that next year, you can do one box.. or MANY boxes.. and change lives. It's worth it ALL for the sake of one child coming to Christ!

Here is a new video by OCC.. enjoy. 

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