Thursday, July 19, 2012

Princess Wooden Dolls with Backdrop (and a set for boys)

A bit ago I posted how to paint clothespin dolls, and while poking around kept finding MORE ideas and will likely be doing more of these posts in the future, but whatever I decide THEN I had to post these NOW cause they are cute beyond belief!

DISNEY PRINCESS DOLLS... with an adorable printable background! I think a set of these would be SO sweet in a shoebox... although I doubt I would do ALL the princesses... even a few with the backdrop would be such a blessing! I can imagine the hours and hours of imaginative play that would be possible!

Full instructions and the printable can be found at

They also have a boyville version at

One more shoutout.. I loved the versions of these done at

If you are doing just a few the local craft store, especially with a coupon is a good source for the doll parts.. but if you think this could be a bigger project you might want to consider buying at an online supplier like where you can buy for less as you buy more.

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