Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

For Operation Christmas Child you can ONLY put in new items or handmade items but that does not mean you can't have great finds from garage sales and thrift stores! I have found many items still in packages, new, and unused at GREAT prices!

Some items I have found new include, balls, socks, clothing, craft supplies, and even toys.

And sometimes I buy items used to make into something new...  t-shirt totes and backpacks can be made from t-shirts that are in good condition. Pillowcases in good condition can be made into pillowcase dresses. (In fact some of them are lovely with embroidery!)

One of my favorite OCC bloggers bought a LOAD of brand new matchbox cars at a steal of a deal at a garage sale, giving her an even better deal when they found out that this is for OCC.

If you love garage sales and thrift stores, do not forget to keep an eye out for items for the shoeboxes. There are a lot of great finds out there, just waiting for you to discover! Happy hunting!

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