Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Staples and Michaels trip

Well, on clipwithpurpose they showed how to get a TON of stuff essentially FREE at Staples using Easy Rebates and a coupon.... but I chose to simplify my life and not go that route.... what I bought...

5 small white boards at $1 each. I like white boards because they are like endless paper for school practice and the small size fit beautifully in the shoeboxes. At $1 I consider that a good deal. I spent 50cents on a set of dry erase markers so I can include a second one with each board to extend the life of the board. For 1 cent each I bought 2 packs of crayons and 2 packs of pens. The penny deals and dry erase marker deals require you to spend $5 to get those deals.... I did that with the white boards.

I also turned in 10 ink cartridges so that next time I go I will have $20 on my Staples Rewards card to make MORE school purchases for FREE.

YAY. Now.. if you want FREE go to and learn how. Her deal is AMAZING! Since I loved the white boards I decided to go this route. :)

PS I also stopped by Michaels and picked up a few items including 20 cent crayons and 20 cent finger puppets at their 80% off clearance racks!!!

Then I stopped by Walmart to buy some crayons and notebooks at 25 cents and 17 cents each.

I love this time of year!

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