Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beginning of Walmart Back to School Sales

1 Subject Notebook, $0.17 Bic Pens (10 Count), $0.97 Calculator, $1 Crayola Markers, $0.97

Sales also vary region to region... but look for crayons in the 25 cent range. RoseArt markers seem to be at 50 cents as well.

Don't forget that Walmart matches prices of competitors as well. :)

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  1. I am most excited about back to school sales (and back to school sale clearances!) We received a letter from a family that received one of our shoeboxes, they specifically thanked us for the school supplies. It seems like such a small gift, pencils, but it can be such a life changing gift. I can't wait to load up on pencils! :)