Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michael's Clearance

This isn't one of those jaw-dropping clearances... but there is a LOT at 40 and 60% off at our Klamath Michaels store. Also, there is as usual a 40% off any regular price coupon on their website. I saw lots of journals, some bags, toys, crafts, etc all on clearance. The cashier said they will be moving more and MORE to clearance in the days to come. Definitely worth watching. I picked up a few soft balls for toddlers at 49 cents each, and used my coupon for a jumprope. Last of the big spenders, but each bit adds up.

JoAnns is also doing 50% off their red dot clearance prices. They did not have a lot at our local JoAnns that was appropriate for the shoeboxes, but that sale is at all Jo Anns so it might be worth a look in your area.

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