Monday, June 25, 2012

3 Cheers for Sock Monkeys!!

I have always loved sock monkeys, how about you? They are just so CUTE!!!

This week I was inspired by another OCCer to consider Sock Monkeys by her FB post on her cute crocheted sock monkeys. Pam makes AWESOME stuff for shoeboxes and is often an inspiration. And so because she said that I CAN learn and make these... so I say.. SO CAN YOU.

But perhaps you do not want to crochet. Well there is still the awesome option of traditional sock monkeys!

I found a pretty nice tutorial at but there are MANY tutorials online including videos if you want even more help.

Also the above pic is from a crafter who used the sock monkey pattern and instructions from the book Craft Hope... a book from an awesome blogger who started using the net to do craft projects for hurting people around the world. If you are a crafter check her out. Her sock monkey pattern is available for download at

A smaller size sock monkey is AWESOME for the shoebox. Just looking at the photos makes me want to snuggle up with a monkey, and I know a child who received one would be super blessed.

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