Monday, June 11, 2012

Jump Ropes

This is my first post!  I’ve made shoebox gifts for 14 years, but as soon as I learned you could craft items, I really got packing!  Every day I crochet, sew, or glue something.  One of my inspirations is fellow Long Islander, 87 year old Reggie Peterson.  A veteran of WWII, he has a mission in life…to prepare and pack Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  Maybe you saw him and his daughter Cathy Woods in this OCC video or his story here. “It’s so gratifying that He (God) can still use me at my age,” Reggie said. “I wake up every morning asking Him what He wants me to do that day.”  In addition to packing almost 1000 boxes a year, he also makes his own shoeboxes from scrap cardboard!  Their home is like Santa’s workshop!
They also make these fun Jump Ropes!
Supplies:  rope, pvc pipe, bottle tops, strong glue
  • Cut rope between 6’6″ (no shorter) and 8′.
  • Cut 1/2″ pvc pipe 4″ long (you need 2 for each jump rope).
  • Sand off any rough edges.
  • Drill hole in 2 bottle tops (or use awl and hammer).
  • Thread end of rope through cap and tie knot.
  • Glue cap onto one end of pvc pipe (with knot inside pipe).  Repeat for the other side.
  • Then glue 2 more bottle tops onto the top part of each pipe.
Instructables” has a slightly different version.  They thread the end of rope through the pvc pipe and then through a shiny steel 3/8″ washer (not galvanized).  Tie a knot.  Repeat for other side.

Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware etc. should have PVC pipe.  I found 40′ at Ace for $2.56.
This would be a great craft to get boys and men’s groups excited about.  Often OCC can be seen as just a “woman’s project”.  This could provide a fun way to get them involved.

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