Monday, June 18, 2012

Making Kits for the Shoeboxes

I really love the idea of making KITS for the shoeboxes.. especially for the 10-14 year olds that can be difficult to shop for.

Some kits can be very practical for a child, helping provide for them such as:

- sewing scissors
- needle pack
- thread
- measuring tape
- pins
- fabric
- thimble

And maybe a handmade sewn gift for the child as well? Tote bag, skirt, even a plush?

- pack of hooks (make sure these are well enclosed to prevent accidents)
- bobbers
- fishing line
- weight
- lure?
- work gloves

You are even allowed to put them IN a fishing box IF the box is the same dimensions as a shoebox and the handle folds flat so that it fits in nicely with the shoeboxes in the packing crate.

If you are interested in this one, perhaps you could buy bulk of the items and divide them up into several kits to save money. Some use altoid tins to put supplies in.. or maybe in a travel soap case.

Again you can use a toolbox IF it is the size of the shoebox and the handle folds flat so it fits nicely with the shoeboxes in the packing crate.
- workgloves
- assorted screws, nails, washers (contained for safety)
- screwdriver
- measuring tape
- pliers
- electrical tape, etc etc etc
Remember NO blades or saw... you CAN include scissors for the 10-14 year olds though

And other kits are just plain FUN such as

- cording
- beads
- maybe small scissors

ART KIT- lots of options
- watercolors
- paintbrush
- paper or sketchbook
- colored pencils
- scraps of paper
- stickers

LOTS of options with this one for sure!!

Making kits can be a way to save money, by buying large amounts and dividing supplies up between several kits. It can be a way to sharing your interest. Or a livelihood.

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