Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wake the World up to Jesus

Liliana is a 9 year old from Belleville, Michigan, who felt led to pack 230 shoeboxes for OCC this year. In 2 weeks, she's collected enough donations (and also held a fundraiser) to not only pack 225 boxes (and still counting), but to also cover the shipping costs for over 230 boxes. Her goal throughout this whole process is to 'Wake the world up to Jesus' one shoebox at a time. She wants the children who will receive her boxes to know 'just how special they are to God.' This picture shows the 225 boxes she's assembled so far.  (from Operation Christmas Child Facebook)

Can we get a WOW?? Look what ONE child can do!! What can WE do?

Here in Klamath Falls, our area collected close to 1600 shoeboxes this year... one of the biggest donations was from Bly, a small town, but who like Liliana had BIG HEART. For a couple of years one local teen packed many boxes fundraising at the Potato Festival. This last year, a dear friend on a fixed retirement income shopped throughout the year putting aside the shipping throughout the year to pack 20 boxes! Another quilted over 50 beautiful tote bags. The story of Liliana is amazing... and huge in scale... but it is not unique.

Sometimes we think I can only do one shoebox. Maybe that is true... and that ONE is HUGE. ONE shoebox can change eternity for a child... and the ripples from that can change a community. We can NEVER downplay the importance of ONE.... because one child is priceless...

But maybe, you can do more. Perhaps this coming year, your one will be two or ten or more. Perhaps this year, you will wake up the world to Jesus in a big way!

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