Thursday, December 26, 2013

Let the After Christmas Sales BEGIN!!! (Operation Christmas Child Shopping Season!)

Today is the beginning of the true after Christmas sales and a great time to begin shopping for next year's shoeboxes. The best sales will still be to come.... but some things are worth getting now. Especially if you do not think you will be able to keep checking for deeper discounts. Some of my favorite things to get:

Washcloths (last year I got Walmart's 18 packs of red, white, and green washcloths at 75% off, which is $1!)
Plush!!! The cute Christmas plush designed for the stockings are the perfect size for the shoebox. Walmart's started at 2.97 and at half off they are a much nicer quality than the dollar store plush at just 1.49. (Sometimes they make it to 75% off but not often.)

Cups (the cute Christmas cups are inexpensive to begin with, but on sale these become a nice cheerful practical gift for the shoeboxes.

Filler - the myriad of stocking stuffers out there are a lovely addition to the shoebox... from small toys, to hygiene items, these are fun to get.)

Candy Canes - colorful and delicious and long lasting, the boxes are at 50 cents now and usually go much lower, 25 cents most years, and often even 10 cents per box.

Don't forget, there are many stores with Christmas clearance and this will continue into the new year... Michaels and JoAnns, Rite Aid, etc. Happy Shopping!

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